Transfer Fees : Who’s at fault ?




After the champions league final win, at a press conference Gareth Bale was asked if he has paid back his transfer fees. He replied humbly that it was never about the money but he thinks its an amazing achievement to have finally won the La Decima and been a part of it. Next day, almost quite inevitably the headlines screamed “Bale – I have paid off the transfer money”.

So there. Apparently the 85 million euros that Real Madrid paid to Tottenham for Gareth Bale is something that Bale is responsible for. Quite frankly this could not be further from the truth. Its a simple market principle of Buying and Selling players as commodities. Apart from wanting to move to Madrid there was no other role that Bale might have played in that lengthy transfer saga. All negotiations happen behind close doors between club hierarchies. Secondly players do not make decisions about the crazy money that is being now plaid for them. So branding them with the prize money as if its all their fault is downright outrageous. Blame them for all the high wages they get or their lackluster performances but not for the high prices that the financially sound clubs are ready to pay for them.

Football Transfers are scarred each summer and winter for ridiculous amount of money that is brandished about. Take Fernando Torres as a point in case. He will always be remembered as the 50 million failure while no one would remember his goal exploits at Liverpool. Also comparing Torres to the legend that now Drogba is before the start of this season

Fernando Torres (age 29) – 39 goals scored from 100 “starts” for Chelsea
Didier Drogba (when aged 29) – 41 goals scored from 100 starts for Chelsea
Neymar is another player a victim to the bloated transfer fees. While hailed as the best player in the world by Pele his return of 8 goals and 16 assists in La Liga in his first season marred by injuries is in no means a bad return but when compared to his transfer fees which is still quite a mystery, his contribution is dwarfed.
Of course when a player gets transferred for big money, he is supposed to perform well. But just because the transfer money paid for him was astronomical doesn’t mean that he can be a scapegoat for the club’s bad performances. There are various factors that make up a huge transfer fees. Agent’s fees, competition for the player, selling club’s asking price, Buying club’s purchasing power, buying club’s market history and so on and so forth. Putting a tag on the player’s head of such and such amount is only not a bad trend but also a harmful one.




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