World Cup 2014


While we wait for the World Cup 2014 holding with our bated breaths, there is a lingering feeling that this might be more of a gimmicky world cup. A country predominantly known for its footballing glory around the world is hosting it after a long long time while its population constantly strives for food and money, mostly living off scratches and hoping that the tournament brings some much needed prosperity. It’s a perfect setting for a grand finale with a feel good factor. What’s not to love ?

While Brazil would be waiting to capitalize on the fact that they are playing in their back yards, there are teams that would be trying to spoil their party. Spain are the obvious favorites having won the last world cup and the last two European championships. But one team that would want to win desperately would be Germany.

Its quite hard to ignore Germany currently. They have been at the pinnacle of their football for the past two decades. They have had probably the best squad barring Spain for at least as long as I can remember and yet its been a case of so near yet so far. But this year seems like this might be their time to tango to the tunes of Brazilian samba.


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