Transfer Shenanigans at Manchester United



On the eve of Manchester United’s first match of the season, it will be 60 days since United signed a first team player. For all the talks about being a club in transition, heavy overhauls required and with quite visible deficiencies in the squad, United’s transfer window has been underwhelming to say the least. 

Ander Herrera while being a fantastic signing is by no means the midfielder that United fans have so craved since Keane. And Luke Shaw is possibly the most weird transfer in recent history. It’s hardly inspiring when the highest paid teenager signed as the only left-back in the first squad, gets injured before start of the season and moreover does not fit in the first team setup/formation and is considered unfit by the new manager.

Crazy times indeed.

It was a time when United could have turned the tables with a couple of decent signings who would have actually strengthened the squad. The summer saga of Vidal has turned out to be nothing but a glint in the eye of United fans similar to the one they had with Schneider or Thiago or Fabregas or Kroos or even Nistelrooy before he signed a season later.

This all brings us to an unfathomable question. What exactly has United done in the transfer market in the last two seasons under Ed Woodward. Basically in the last two years United have signed Mata, Fellaini, Herrera and Shaw. In each case either we overpaid or we were the only club in the running. Meanwhile Kroos, Fabregas, Thiago, Paulinho, Fernandinho, Eriksen, Fernando, Luiz Gustavo, Illaramendi, Garay, Tadic, Sanchez etc have moved on for lesser fees. Its been a long two transfer window for United fans when they have been linked with each and every midfielder in europe and have yet not signed the one required. Its a shame.


With transfer dealings so shambolic that they make you think about the sanity of United board, it seems like a question of how long Glazers are going to let this mess continue. Or do they even care. Just boasting about the spending power while not spending at all or spending at wrong places has made the club a laughing stock in the transfer market. Let’s hope that the intensity of Van Gaal outweighs the combined stupidity of the rest of the United board and we end up with the players that we want before 1st of September arrives. Else another season of mess looms large.


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